Five Star Relocation

We know that during a relocation, time matters. Whether you are moving due to a job transfer or a new position we provide everything you need to make your move to or from Michigan as smooth as possible. Ease the stress of your relocation with our essential buyer and seller services.

Top Notch Seller Services

Marketing Plan

One of our trained and certified
Relocation Agents will come out to your
home to discuss your needs. They will
cover the ins and outs of selling your
home and create a plan that works for
your current situation.

Broker Market Analysis

A BMA is a vital part of the relocation process. Your Relocation Agent will use this analysis to determine the best price to list your home and what the sales price will likely be.

Concierge Service

Need to move before closing? We will coordinate lawn care, snow removal, sprinkler system maintenance, and more. We also provide unlock services to vendors hired by you and the relocation company as needed.

Unmatched Buyer Support

Community Tours

A community tour is helpful when you are looking to get an idea of what the culture of a community is like through the eyes of a Realtor who is a native to the community.

Rental Tours

We provide assistance to those employees looking to rent instead of purchase a home. All-day tours, half-day tours, and even virtual support before and after your on-site visits can be coordinated by our Relocation Agents.

Relocation Support

You can count on unbeatable support from our Relocation Team. All of our Relocation Agents have completed relocation training and earned the certifications required to work with your relocation company.


We've Got What You Need

We work directly with third-party relocation management companies as well as facilitate corporate relocation direct with area employers here in Michigan. To relocate with us at Five Star Real Estate contact Michael Hall.

Michael Hall

Director of Relocation Services

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